Annual Super Saver

The Annual Super Saver is a flexible training package that enables you to choose how you manage your annual training plan.

You can:

  • Determine your discount level based on the amount of training you purchase — the more you train, the more you save.
  • This is ideal for organization with employees located in many different areas.
  • Use a single purchase order to purchase training from our extensive training portfolio. Secure significant discounts on dozens of IT and business topics, including Cisco, Microsoft, project management, networking and more.
  • African eDev assigns you dedicated representative who is your single point of contact for an easy course registration process.
  • Receive monthly update reports so you have better insight into your training plan and can easily track how your training dollars are being spent.
  • With our Annual Super Saver, it’s easy for you to set your annual training plan in motion. Lock in your savings today and get the training you need, when and how you want it.