Certified Fiber Optic Specialist – Home (Fiber-to-the-Home/Curb/Node)

The Certified Fiber Optic Specialist-Home (CFOS/H) is a 2-day application specialist certification covering FTTx networks, cabling design and installation, which includes PON networks (formerly FOA CFxT). This Certified Fiber Optic Specialist training is intended for anyone interested in the application of FTTH networks.

What you’ll learn

To qualify for Certified FTTX Specialist certification, a specialist training program must cover at least the following topics:

  •   Introduction to FTTx (Fiber-To-The-Curb and Fiber-To-The-Home) networks
  •   Overview of FTTx architectures including Point-to-Point and PONs with relevant Standards
  •   FTTx Components and Installation Methods
  •   FTTx Testing (including PONs)
  •   Lab Exercises covering design, installation and testing


Typical Field Experience and competencies For FTTx Specialist Certification
To qualify for the FTTx certification, two years field experience designing and installing FTTx networks are required. Training by manufacturers or vendors of cabling products will be recognized as part of the experience requirements. The applicant must provide data supporting their experience and a recommendation from a client or customer.

Prerequisites: Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT)

Who should attend: This specialist certification is intended for intended for anyone interested in the application of Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) networks.

Exams: Pass the Certified Fiber Optic Specialist-Home (CFOS/H)

Fiber Optic Training School: African eDevelopment Resource Centre is an approved Fiber Optic School by the Fiber Optic Association (FOA). We deliver Fiber Optic certification training in Nairobi (Kenya) and cities in Africa.