Organization solutions

Knowledge that powers your organization. Let’s analyze your training needs, skill gaps and work environment. We’ll customize training aligned to your organization’s goals.

  • Achieve your training goals
  • Increase organization’s productivity
  • Save time and money

African eDevelopment experts mix theoretical classes with real problem solving in the workplace. Your team gets trained by our experienced consultants who have decades of experience. We offer a range of professional and bespoke training that focusing on the management of information, communication, systems and projects via in-class (public), In-house and online training environments.

  • Achieve your training goals: With our team of experts, we offers specialist services on training development and customizing suitable training aligned to your organization’s development goals.
  • Increase organization’s productivity: Access the industry best practices and technologies that transform and your organization’s department to function faster and efficiently.

Save time and money: Optimize on our cost-friendly training paths suitable to your employees for improved productivity at your workplace environment. We help organizations transform knowledge to organizational results.

What we can assist with

  • Custom Training Delivery Options: Choose where you need training delivered, one that fits your training preferences and employees. We offer on-site training, online virtual learning and self-paced training.
  • Certification Preparation: We create friendly paths for your employees to learn, prepare and validate gained knowledge for top industry certifications with our boot camps, road maps and certification prep courses.
  • Tailored courses: We understand that organizations have diverse needs, and require customized options, to make training more relevant for your employees to steer your organization.

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