Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

This is a 3-day course. Social media marketing is becoming a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored and needs to form part of any corporate marketing strategy. But the rules of the game are very different from both traditional and web marketing and to reap the rewards and avoid the disasters, you need to know what you are doing.

Learning Objectives

This course will assist participants to market through social media. They will learn:

  • how to use Social Media successfully for their business;
  • how to provide their customers with an interactive brand experience;
  • how to grow strong customer-brand relationships.

What You’ll Learn

The primary objective of social media marketing for any business is to strengthen your community in order to increase communication and sales. Social Media Marketing can also be used to accomplish these objectives:

  • Build Meaningful Relationships – whether you’re a big brand or a sole proprietor, social media makes you accessible and approachable to a mass audience. Other businesses and individuals will have the opportunity to get to “know” you.
  • Public Relations and Brand Awareness – spread news and important information about your business, brand, or product to a broad audience who are likely to share it to their own networks.
  • Build Customer Loyalty – give consumers a reason to interact with you by offering promotions, coupons, or information. Make your network feel valued and they will value you.
  • Establish Trust – share valuable information with your network that shows you are knowledgeable in your field and people will seek more information from you.
  • Manage Your Reputation – hear what people are saying about you and your business and most importantly, let people know that they’re being heard.
  • Increase Search Visibility – social media plays a big part in the new generation of SEO. Your activity in social media can enhance your visibility in major search engines.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those who are planning on designing a knowledge management strategy and implementation plan and need a solid understanding of the “essentials” of Knowledge Management (KM) at the enterprise level.