Testing & Exams

African eDev offers a flexible training and testing platform ideal for any training and work environment. Whether you’re seeking to develop training programs or certify members or users in a particular field, African eDevoffers a wide variety of testing and training features and best-in-class certification program management systems.

We a have a fully operational exam Pearson VUE centre at our main centre and beyond that, can setup a virtual exam centre at specified locations. Whether you want to set up exams for product training, professional certifications, AfricaneDev works to deliver custom exam packages for your team with benefits for you and your team:

Train Staff, Customers and Business Partners on Product Knowledge

Our platform allows your internal staff, sales team, customers and channel partners to quickly get up to speed through online product training and testing. By offering assessments up front, we can tailor product training on areas needing the most focus, whether by individual, group or region.

Custom-built Product Training and Certification Programs that are Easy-to-Use Interface

Our custom provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface to create online product training and certification programs in minutes. In addition, registration and delivery takes less than 3 days from, deliver instant exams, which allows you to focus on getting your users up to speed and proficient with product knowledge and not getting bogged down with the technology.

Monitor Training Progress and Testing Results in Real-time

AficaneDev robust reporting options provides a summarized dashboard so product trainers can instantly understand the pace of their users in relation to completion goals. Powerful reporting, analytics and data tools allow you to manage multiple courses and tests, large enrollments and varying levels of certification and compare progress and results by individual, group, region or other demographic.