European Marriage Customs

Traditionally, European matrimony traditions experience a strong cultural history. Every country has its unique traditions. However , there are just a few basic wedding ceremony traditions that are common to many of these countries.

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Western european marriage traditions quite often include food. The traditional meal is considered a vital part of the wedding service. Guests often throw rice and flowers to represent virility for the newly married couple. This tradition goes back to pre-Christian times.

Another Western european marriage tradition consists of a post-wedding ritual. This kind of ritual, referred to as rotie, can be found in rural France and in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region. The rotie is a symbol of the community’s involvement in the couple’s fresh life. It truly is considered a major ritual because it scratches the beginning of a new phase in the european mail order brides couple’s life.

The rotie also represents a connection between youngsters and adult life. It is not a religious ceremony. The couple beverages red wine from your same wine glass. The red wine represents lifestyle.

After the wedding ceremony, the couple often exchanges mementos. A few couples likewise exchange postcards from their Western weddings.

The newlyweds may throw their glass more than their shoulder joint for good good fortune. This habit is considered important and it is considered to date back to pre-Christian times.

The groom may also be provided with a diamond ring to symbolize his devotion towards the bride. It is vital to note that there are no solid rules when it comes to European marriage traditions. Each country has its own philosophy and it is extremely important to organize the ceremony to mirror these philosophy.

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