What Does a Talent Acquisition Specialist Do

From the paperwork to helping the new employee feel at home in the new company, the Talent Acquisition Specialist is there during the onboarding period. She is the face of HR to the new employee, and so this is a critical role in setting expectations of a new employee. Proficiency in documenting processes and keeping up with industry trends.

The specialist should liaise with managers, complete reference checks, and utilize online application methods such as LinkedIn profile views. Different companies may have different skill requirements listed in TA specialist job descriptions depending on needs and top priorities. Here is a list of relevant skills and education to consider if you’re looking to become a talent acquisition specialist. Top 5 employment specialist interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. You should gain enough experience in the area and learn all the skills mentioned above to outperform.

  • This implies that a TAS is a high-level recruiter with an advising role as well as a recruiting role, while a recruiter just fills positions without thought for the future.
  • No one is perfect but newer skills will enhance your worldview.
  • Thoroughly checking references is a crucial step in hiring decisions.
  • It is the need of time to hire the best talents available in the market.
  • A good one can bring in the best possible candidates and help a company grow and develop.
  • Feel free to use this Talent Acquisition Specialist job description template!

This is a salary that can vary widely depending on industry, workload, location, and experience. Payscale estimates the average salary for a US-based Talent Acquisition Specialist is $56,309, as of April 2020. However, an experienced TAS in New York City has an average salary of $71,216, with a $9,500 bonus. Other talent acquisition jobs are the Talent Acquisition Manager, the VP of Talent Acquisition, and the Head of Talent Acquisition. Work with the compensation department to determine a market rate salary for each new hire. A bachelor’s degree in Business/Human Resources or the specialized field or equivalent experience.

For some positions, the TAS must literally go out and find candidates. Most, though, rely on connections made in the field, working with specialized headhunters, and working with current employees to obtain referrals. A talent acquisition specialist works in the Human Resources field and assists in the proper staffing of an organization.

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A talent acquisition specialist may be responsible for sourcing candidates through different channels, such as job boards, social media, or employee referrals. They may also screen candidates through resume reviews and initial phone interviews. A talent acquisition specialist is a professional who is responsible for recruiting and hiring employees for an organization. The role of a talent acquisition specialist includes sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates, as well as extending job offers to successful candidates. A decade ago, social media was just used for entertainment purposes. But now, both employees and employers use it for job-seeking and hiring purposes, respectively.

talent acquisition specialist

A recruiter is an element of the talent acquisition team who collaborates with the hiring manager to find and screen people best suited for a role. Focused on short-term needs, recruiters regularly search for candidates for immediate job openings. The talent acquisition specialist will typically conduct in-person interviews with the candidates they deem to be the most qualified. Top 5 recruitment consultant interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Top 5 recruiter interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. It is the need of time to hire the best talents available in the market.

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However, she should also take care to ensure the company follows local laws and that the non-traditional candidate would be a good fit and meets minimum criteria. Talent Acquisition Specialist is a human resources professional responsible for sourcing, attracting, selecting and hiring top talent in the market. There are many skills that can improve your talent acquisition specialist’s performance. However, the skills mentioned here are an extract from many job descriptions.

talent acquisition specialist

The TAS specialist should ensure that any hiring manager is prepared to interview, and then helps the manager evaluate the candidates. In large organizations that do high-volume hiring, talent acquisition specialists are essential in ensuring that the organization has the talent it needs to succeed. If you want to fill a position within your organization, consider working with a talent acquisition specialist to help you find the best candidate for the job. Companies should prepare for inevitable changes in leadership positions. As such, planning takes place, which includes not only training and development but hiring.

Built In is the online community for startups and tech companies. The Talent Acquisition Specialist is a critical part of the Human Resources team. A good one can bring in the best possible candidates and help a company grow and develop. A bad one can destroy a company’s reputation and severely limit the number of people who are willing to work for the company. 2-3 years of experience as a talent acquisition specialist, or similar.

What Is a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

Exceptional ability to screen candidates, compile shortlists and interview candidates. Liaising with internal departments to determine recruitment needs. Talent Acquisition Specialist job description should start with an interesting, eye-catching introduction.

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In order to create long-term talent strategies, TA specialists conduct talent assessments for the departments with which they partner. In these assessments, TA specialists will identify gaps and opportunities for a team. For example, they might find a gap in an engineering team’s ability to effectively work on front-end code, especially if the team is more heavily skilled in back-end programming. However, they might find an opportunity to engage front-end engineering apprentices in the company who are about to finish their program.

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Resumeworded.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. You are leaving the website of the company where you were applying for a position. That company is a client of Cadient Talent which is the software platform that powers their application process. Check out our talent acquisition specialist Resources Section for more talent acquisition and recruiting articles. Future-proof your career in HR by continuously expanding your skill set with the latest and most relevant HR skills. A solid understanding of current employment law and the ability to learn and follow new developments.

Additionally, professional certification in Human Resources is considered desirable. This position relies heavily on interpersonal skills, organization and ability to recruit top talent. Individuals with deep insight into the needs of the company tend to excel in the position of talent acquisition specialist. To ensure success as a talent acquisition specialist, you should possess extensive experience as a recruiter and the ability to attract the perfect candidate for each role.

Hiring Talent Acquisition Specialist job description

Economic conditions are very unpredictable in all countries hence affecting the labour market. The specialists should forecast the future labour needs, the present supply, and the balance between both. This will help in aligning the hiring decisions with the organizational goals. This is very crucial for your organization so you are not left with any employee shortages or surpluses. If your talent acquisition specialist pre-plans, your company will enjoy higher profitability. Moreover, research says, strategic planning of human resources increases economic productivity too.

talent acquisition specialist

It consists of different departments that need technical experts. Talent acquisition specialists need specific technical skills that make them unique and credible. They should know the use of the Applicant Tracking System, Human Resource Information Management System, on-boarding portals, and other such software. It is important for attracting and recruiting the right candidates.

Technological skills in Talent Acquisition and Management

There will be instances when prioritizing immediate recruiting for a number of open roles is the right move. Job descriptions need to be written by experts in the specific field and an expert in recruiting. The hiring manager is the field level expert, and the talent acquisition specialist is the recruiting expert. Job descriptions need to comply with all relevant laws, as well as containing information about the vacant position.

The candidate screening process evaluates qualified applicants. During this stage, candidates complete preliminary assessments and phone or virtual interviews to determine https://xcritical.com/ if they meet the necessary skill levels and competencies for the role. This step also gauges candidate interest level, salary expectations and other important details.

These are the main skills that can be subcategorized according to your specifications. Those on the shortlist of final candidates must complete one or a series of interviews, such as panel, group or progressive executive interviews. Talent acquisition managers help design the interview process and questions for each job opening and determine important qualities or competencies candidates must show during interviews. This person works outside the company and focuses on candidates in a narrow field rather than on a specific company. This implies that a TAS is a high-level recruiter with an advising role as well as a recruiting role, while a recruiter just fills positions without thought for the future. Talent Acquisition Specialists focus on finding and recruiting these candidates.

Talent acquisition specialists may contact candidates’ current or former managers and colleagues to verify qualifications, experience or other employment details. Some organizations even request background checks before finalizing job offers. To attract talent that best aligns with the organization’s goals and culture, talent acquisition specialists must ensure that company branding stands out. In addition to promoting culture, specialists should provide a clear overview of compensation and benefits to differentiate their company from competing employers.

With such a diverse labour market, your talent acquisition specialist is responsible for choosing the best. They should understand the candidate and organizational needs, and fill any gaps for successful hiring. According to the US department of labor, the cost of bad hires can reach up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. This is a crucial decision for your talent acquisition manager hence he needs to estimate and analyse all the potential costs.

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