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Supply Chain Management

Categories: Enterprise Management
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About Course

The Supply Chain Management training takes 3 days and provides participants with theoretical and practical understanding of the key concepts of Supply Chain Management and how managers can incorporate this into their corporate strategy. It engages them in developing supply chain management systems and linking their effectiveness to the organizations Return On Investment. The course also covers logistics in SCM, TQM in Manufacturing and Service Delivery and the JIT Philosophy- applicable to every organization.

What Will You Learn?

  • Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • Developments and Trends in Purchasing
  • Corporate and Environmental considerations
  • Methods of achieving coordination in SCM
  • Purchasing Leverage
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Integrated Logistics Management Structure
  • Logistics and Delivery Planning: The Perfect Order
  • Inventory Control- (This will include bullwhip effect, RFIDs etc.)
  • TQM in Manufacturing and Service Delivery
  • Continuous Improvement- the key to TQM, JIT and successful Supply Chain Management
  • TQM and an introduction to the Tools of Quality Control
  • TQM and Benchmarking
  • JIT Philosophy- applicable to every organization
  • JIT and the elimination of waste along supply chains

Course Content