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Fiber Optic Certifications

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Today, access to the Internet is no longer a luxury, but is increasingly considered an essential service, as important as building transportation and utility networks. Fiber optic cabling is becoming the fastest, smartest and most flexible way to enable large amounts of digital data to be transmitted and received. Fiber optic cables have revolutionized the way our phone, television and information systems work. At African eDevelopment, we have the worlds leading certifications from the Fiber Optics Association (FOA) and Optical Technology Training (OTT).

Fiber Optic Association Certifications Paths

For those wanting to learn more about specialized fiber optic applications or who wish to develop greater skills in the process of fiber optic installation, our FOA courses offer specialist training and certifications. African eDevelopment Resource Centre offers classroom, blended and online certification training for FOA specialist training and certifications available in three categories: Skills-based, Applications-based and Fiber optic network design.


Skills-based certifications are those involving hands-on process related to the installation of fiber optic networks such as outside plant (OSP) installation, splicing (CFOS/S), termination and testing (CFOS/T). Skills-based certifications require a CFOT or CPCT as a prerequisite for both classes.


Applications-based certifications are based on specific applications of fiber optics like fiber to the home (FTTH), optical LANs (OLANs), Data Center Cabling (CFOS/DC). The application-based certifications require a some knowledge of fiber optics or CFOT as a prerequisite.

Fiber Optic Design

This Certified fiber specialist design course is especially recommended for network owners and planners who may not be familiar with the process of fiber optic network design as it can make their jobs easier and their projects better. The prerequisite for the specialist design course is CFOT course.

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