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Microsoft is everywhere. They own both Windows and Office — the most popular operating system and productivity suite. Companies need professionals who can leverage all these Microsoft products and services. Considering the depth of the product suite and its wide adoption, Microsoft certifications are a logical choice for any IT professional.

Microsoft Certifications Training Paths

Microsoft is moving to a role-based certification model that emphasizes core technical skills over product knowledge. Anyone starting their Microsoft certification path should take the move to role-based certifications into account when selecting certifications. The African eDevelopment Resource Centre offers classroom, blended, and online certification training for both role-and product-based certification exams at three Microsoft levels: Fundamental, Associate, and Expert.


These certifications are designed to both teach and test foundational knowledge in core Microsoft technologies, including Windows and Azure. It’s an ideal starting point for new IT professionals or anyone without IT experience looking to land their first job.


These certifications are among the most popular certifications for IT professionals. They help new IT professionals learn about Microsoft environments, and valuable for advancement from support and technician roles to system administration.


The Microsoft expert certifications are highest level of certification offered by Microsoft. At the associate level, administrators learn the workings of a product. These expert certifications expand the scope of knowledge to how those products interact within the system.

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