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VSAT Systems Engineering

Categories: Telecoms Technology
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About Course

This 3-day VSAT Field Engineering course is an intensive program designed for installers of bi-directional satellite earth stations. The Course will offer both theoretical and practical skills transfer as applicable to DVB/TDMA VSAT field engineers, support engineers and operational managers.


The course is divided into two sessions, a class-room theory session that introduces participants to the basics of satellite communication and a practical session that covers the fundamentals that all VSAT field technicians should know, including cross-pol and accurate dish pointing.

What Will You Learn?

  • Why we use Satellites. Reasons why satellite is used opposed to fiber, cable or microwave.
  • How does Satellites work? Detailed explanation of a satellite from design to operational.
  • VSAT Network Design. Components that make up a VSAT network.
  • Link Budget. Explanation of why we need link budgets and how to understand a link budget
  • VSAT Services. Discuss the different types of services and the benefits of the types of services.
  • Practical Theory. Understand the process from applying to commissioning of a VSAT site
  • Demonstration of a dish built and alignment
  • Practical by Students

Course Content