The PRINCE2 Study Guide: What is It and How does It Help?


The PRINCE2 Study Guide: What is It and How does It Help?

The book explains every aspect of the PRINCE2 approach, with several practical examples and a variety of mock examination questions to put your knowledge to the test. The PRINCE2 study guide includes all the subjects you’ll need to know to take the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner examinations with competence.

PRINCE2 guide will provide you with a solid understanding of the project management method’s terminology and concepts, how management products are input to and output from the eight processes, and what the main objective of the top contents of basic management products is- how to create a relationship between project processes, work packages, responsibilities, and management dimensions.


How to Use a Study Guide Effectively?

Step 1: Read the Source

Consider your PRINCE2 study guide to be a map. If you’re going on a trek, a map may be a useful tool for making the most of your time. However, without the hike, the map will not provide much of an experience. Similarly, the PRINCE2 study guide can serve as a road map for evaluating a chapter you won’t gain as much out of the additional resources if you don’t read the text.

Step 2: Refresh Understanding of Material After Reading the Book

Reading a PRINCE2 study guide pdf free download material after you have finished the book will help you get a bird’s-eye view of the whole thing. You will better know key concepts, principles, themes, and other topics. Reviewing it will also remind you of any information that may have slipped your mind.

Step 3: Note Any Sections of Study Guide That Stood Out to You

PRINCE2 certification books pdf are brimming with ideas. By underlining significant portions that piqued your interest, you may return to them and develop your thoughts and arguments on top of them.

Most importantly, if you find something on the guide you don’t understand, ask your mentor on your PRINCE2 course site. Your peers can benefit from or add to your understanding of that subject.

Step 4: Refer to PRINCE2 Study Guide as you Prepare for your Project

PRINCE2 study material pdf can help you prepare even if you have an exam tomorrow or next month.

  • Study it the day before an exam.
  • Reviewing it before class discussion will assist you in participating in the discussion with well-formed statements.

Resources and Components of Study Guide

Components of PRINCE2 Study Guide:

Processes Principles Themes
Starting up a project Business Justification Business case
Initialization of a project Roles and responsibilities Organization
Direction of a Project Learn from experience Quality
Controlling a stage Manage by exceptions Risks
Management of product delivery Manage by stages Plan
Management of stage boundaries Tailor to suit the environment Change
Closure of a Project Focus on product Progress


Resources in the study guide:

  1. PRINCE2 study guide explains all of the PRINCE2 themes, processes, principles, roles, and management products for the most recent PRINCE2 version (PRINCE2 2009 Edition)
  2. Includes comprehensive treatment of all Foundation and Practitioner level test objectives.
  3. Real-world situations are presented, demonstrating the technique employed in industry and the public sector.
  4. Includes difficult review questions and electronic flashcards to help you improve your knowledge.
  5. It covers PRINCE2 certification examination tips and procedures, as well as how and where to take the tests.
  6. Includes over 300 example Foundation-level questions and over 100 sample Practitioner-level questions, along with answers and comprehensive explanations.
  7. It includes a lexicon of all PRINCE2 vocabulary and a fast reference to all PRINCE2 management solutions.
  8. Provides a web link to a collection of online resources that includes PRINCE2 agile study guide pdf and other bonus examinations.


Your PRINCE2 Foundation test grade will be influenced by how well you prepare for it. The tips and tricks will help you clear and memorize the content in the PRINCE2 study guide significantly. All of the preparations will take some time to plan out. You must have a fresh mind and body to concentrate on your preparations and thus score well in the exam.